March 27, 2018

Gel-Coat Repair

Boat Gel-Coating, Gel-Coat Repair and Boat Painting

We are the leading Chain O’ Lakes Gel-coat and boat painting shop. Gel-Coats are a little more complicated then most realize. It is not paint, it is much more resilient to scratches and scrapes but is much more difficult to color match than paint.

Let us help you understand Gel Coats better. First the starting point of any Gel Coat is polyester resin. Pigment is added which gives the desired colors. Then extenders are added to the mixture which helps against fading and chalking. Lastly they add the accelerators which when combined with the hardener cure the Gel Coat. When repairing Gel Coat you need someone who is capable of color matching. Rarely if ever does a color match rite out of the can, this is the difficult part. To match a color you need to have a color pallet of tint to be able to match the gel coat to the already existing color.

Once gel coat has completely hardened it must be sanded with 120 grit sand paper, all the way up to 800 grit to acquire the shine and luster desired by any boater.

Steve had been trained in the art of color matching in 1979 at Greer Tech and has been perfecting it ever since. It is an art that none of our competitors can match. When you bring us your boat you can be sure that you have a trained and experienced individual giving you the best possible repair. We treat your boat as if it were our own.

Gel-Coat repair service areas

Our Gel-Coat repair service area is the entire Chain O’Lakes area including: Algonquin, Antioch, Barrington, Cary, Crystal Lake, Fox Lake, Ingleside, Island Lake, Johnsburg, Lake Villa, Lakemoor, McHenry, Spring Grove, Volo, Southern Wisconsin and more.