Final Finish Brochure

Steve has a degree in fiberglass repair from Greer Tech Institute, graduating in 1979. He worked for various companies in Marine Industry including Howdy Marine and the Switzercraft boat company. At Switzercraft Steve was able to sharpen his skills in the structural aspect of boat building. He learned which woods to use where on a boat and which woods to never use with fiberglass. Steve learned where to install stringers, in addition to the different sizes to be used in different areas within the body of the boat. Steve was also educated on how to install transoms to avoid delamination.

In 1986 Steve decided to go into business for himself. Since going into business we have done warranty work for such brands as Fountain, Hustler, Rinker, Larson, Four Winns, Obsession, Cigarette, and many others. Most major manufacturers will allow us to do their warranty work.

In 1994 when Great America received the Space Shuttle ride the fiberglass parts did not fit to make the shell of the ride. Our company went on location to fit and fabricate the parts to complete the ride.

The largest boat we have worked on was the 120ft. custom yacht called “Battered Bull” owned by Wayne Hizinga, the original owner of Block Buster. They brought the boat from Florida just so that we would repair damage to the main state cabin of the boat. We have worked on such notable boats as a Riva Yacht and just recently a 39ft. capsule boat, previously owned by Reggie Fountain and had at the time been the fastest V bottom hull in the world.

We are the only company in the Chain O Lake’s area where the owner has a degree in Fiber Glass repair in addition to 30 years of hands on experience. Also we are a fully insured facility. We stand behind all of our work and will give you a written warranty.